The Most Common Cause of Emergency Visits

Dogs are notorious for eating crazy inappropriate things. Whether it’s just a gross snack like rabbit or deer droppings, a dip into the garbage can, or pieces of their once favorite toy, chances are that some dog out there has tried to eat it.

I doubt that this is truly the most common cause of emergency room visits for pets, but some nights it sure feels like it. It’s not uncommon in one shift to see two separate dogs for chocolate ingestion, one likely marijuana ingestion, a dog that punctured an inhaler (toxic), and another in for vomiting that turns out to have a sock lodged in her intestines.

As I’m writing this, one of my cats just knocked over the office trash can (see photo). So it’s not just dogs.

I know that sometimes it’s impossible to keep our fur babies out of everything, but if there’s any way to prevent it, you may save yourself a trip to see me one day.