What Medications Does He Take?

Have you ever had this conversation as you’re trying to get a history from a client? “What medications does Rocky take?” “Oh he’s just on a vitamin.” “Which vitamin is that?” “Oh, you know. The one in the brown bottle.” “Do you know the name of it?” “It’s… Life Gold. Is that a good one?”Continue reading “What Medications Does He Take?”

Please Stop Calling Poison Control

I wanted to elaborate on some thoughts that I put on Twitter earlier this week. First, here is the incident that prompted this: I had an 8-month-old, roughly 30 pound dog come into the ER after she ate a lot of raisins about an hour and a half ago. Raisins are toxic to dogs –Continue reading “Please Stop Calling Poison Control”

When the Doctor is Sick

We are halfway through Memorial Day weekend right now and I just finished my last shift: today is the first of four days off in a row. Why do I feel so exhausted? Emergency work is hard. Doctors and support staff work long days, often several in a row. We put our best in becauseContinue reading “When the Doctor is Sick”